Equal Housing: All properties managed by Kotarides Property Management adhere to all Federal, State, and Local fair housing laws that forbid discrimination against any person because of race, color, elderliness, religion, sex, disability, familial status, national origin or any other basis protected by applicable federal, state or local fair housing laws.
Occupancy Policy: Occupants per bedroom (not per unit): A maximum of two Residents, and/or one or more authorized Occupant(s) listed on the Lease Agreement, are permitted to reside in a bedroom, provided that the total number of persons residing in the bedroom complies with local building code requirements. The current Virginia building code requires that every bedroom occupied by more than one person shall contain at least 50 square feet of floor area for each person. For purposes of this policy, the term “Resident” shall mean any person age 18 or over who is required to be listed as a Resident on the Lease Agreement and an “Occupant” shall mean any person under age 18 required to be listed on the Lease Agreement.
Application Requirements and Standards:
  • Each prospective resident that is 18 years or older must complete an application.
  • Applications are to be completed in full and signed.
  • The Application Fee must be paid prior to processing.
  • Applications found to contain untrue, incorrect or misleading information will be declined.
  • The most recent pay stub, LES, offer letter (new positions only), bank statement or other proof of income acceptable to the Landlord must be included with application.
  • Applicant must present a valid driver’s license or state issued picture ID.
  • Military applicants must present a copy of their military ID.
  • Applicants that are not citizens or permanent residents of the United States must show proof of legal status and permission from the U.S. Government to stay in the United States during the entire lease term.
  • All persons eighteen years of age or older must sign the lease.
  • Those under eighteen will be listed as an occupant and are required to be added to the lease as a tenant within 30 days of reaching 18.
  • Each tenant over 18 must qualify as required on the Credit Standards form.
Credit History: Each applicant’s credit history will be reviewed and/or scored.

Criminal Background: Each applicant’s criminal background, including but not limited to National Sex Offender Registry, will be screened and must meet established standards. Leases may be terminated if there is a change in criminal history status or if criminal information was not available at the time of the initial background check.

Rental/Mortgage History: Each applicant’s rental and mortgage history will be investigated through a public record search. For RPP, lease violations will be investigated.

Income & Asset Verification: Each applicant must meet income or asset verification requirements.

Co-signors: Co-signors are not accepted.

Prior to Move In: Re-examination and re-approval of the approved application is required in the following circumstances and may result in an increased deposit or denial:
  • Changes in credit, employment, income, assets or references
  • Applicant fails to pay any required fees or deposits as promised
  • Any check paid by the applicant is returned for any reason
  • Information used to review the application is determined to be false or misleading
The undersigned do hereby acknowledge disclosure that KPM LLC represents the Landlord in this transaction. Some of the partners, shareholders, members or owners of the Landlord are real estate licensees.
Applicant acknowledges that Landlord requires tenants to have renter’s insurance prior to moving into an apartment from a company acceptable to the Landlord with a minimum of $500,000 in liability coverage. Please note that
$500,000 in coverage is available from most insurance companies at a reasonable rate.

Rental rate quotes are for leases with a 12 month term. All rental rate quotes are for leases for a 12 month term. In the event that you request a lease term shorter than 12 months, a short term premium rate will be assessed.

Service fees. Services fees will be assessed for some forms of electronic payments.

Electronic Transactions, Records, and Signatures Consent and Policy

Certification of Identity. By signing this lease, you are certifying that you are the person identified in the application, lease, and lease addenda.

Legal effect of your consent. Electronic records have the same legal effect as paper records with traditional ink signatures.

Scope of your consent. If you proceed with this online application, you are agreeing to complete this application and leasing process electronically. This consent applies to the application and leasing process only. You understand that any information you provide during the application and leasing process will become part of the electronically signed application and lease including any and all addenda.

You have the right to withdraw your consent to proceed electronically. You may revoke your consent to engage in this transaction electronically at any point prior to full execution of the electronic lease. To withdraw your consent, please immediately call the leasing office for the desired community. There is no fee or penalty for withdrawing your consent to proceed electronically, i.e. electing to proceed using a traditional ink signature process.

You have the right to proceed with a paper transaction. In the event you do not consent to complete this application and leasing process electronically, you may still proceed using a traditional ink signature process. To complete an application and lease using a traditional ink signature process, please contact the leasing office for the desired community.

You have the right to receive paper copies of the electronic record. You may receive and retain paper copies of any of the electronic records in three ways:
  1. You may print or download such electronic records directly to your computer. In order to print and download, you understand that you will need to have internet access, a updated internet web browser, and updated PDF software. You understand that we are not liable for any problems that may arise in accessing or retrieving your electronic records, including but not limited to problems with your telecommunications provider, malfunctions of your equipment, or other malfunctions out of our control; or 
  2. You may request copies in person at the leasing office for the desired community, or 
  3. You may submit a written request detailing records requested to KPM LLC, 1128 Independence Blvd., STE #200, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23455. In the event that you are mailing a written request, please enclose your name, mailing address, and contact phone number to ensure a prompt response. Please note that a reasonable fee may be charged to cover the costs of postage.